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You can prepare for a broad range of careers or continue on to graduate work through Morningside University's regionally recognized biology major. As a small private college with an outstanding academic reputation, we offer you the ability to customize your program with independent research and experiential learning to create a unique, personalized program of study.


Biology Teaching (B.A.)


A Great Fit For

  • People who enjoy problem-solving and are adaptive and analytical.
  • Those who possess a high aptitude for math and science.
  • Individuals interested in identifying solutions through research, streamlining processes, or creating efficiencies.
  • Anyone interested in a career or further education in a life sciences field.
  • Anyone interested in the health sciences.



You will have the opportunity to attain specialized skills while gaining experience in your potential career through an internship or summer research internship. Focus on a particular area of interest while working closely with faculty or site supervisors.


You will have the opportunity to travel regionally, nationally, and even internationally for professional conferences, industry field trips, or May Term courses. Travel grants and special scholarship eligibility may be available.

Active Learning

Experience the sense of discovery as you conduct original research with our faculty in their areas of expertise. By conducting original research, students will have their chance to make their marks in areas such as microbiology, cell biology, ecology, and much more!



A systematic course in classification, nomenclature, synthesis, reactions, and spectroscopy of carbon compounds. The compounds are studied on a basis of the functional groups, and an emphasis is placed upon an understanding of the mechanism of the reactions that are involved. Laboratory (4 hours) work involves practice in the techniques of synthesis, purification, and characterization of organic compounds.


Lectures on advanced chemical equilibria, treatment of data, nonaqueous systems, advanced redox reactions, potentiometry, statistical evaluation of data, and the place of chemical analysis in society and in legal or regulatory issues. Laboratory emphasizes quantitative volumetric analysis and introductory instrumental methods.


Instructional techniques for teaching students in grades 5-12; includes a content reading component.


Introduction to teaching, co-teaching, and inclusion of exceptional and diverse learners. Addresses individuals identified as disabled, at-risk, dyslexic, talented and gifted, and English learners. Also examines ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic diversity. Introduces Multi-Tier System of Supports, Individualized Education Programs, and Behavior Intervention Plans.


Kelly Chaney

Kelly Chaney

Dean of the Sharon Walker School of Education

Kelly’s Profile
Kimberly Christopherson

Dr. Kim Christopherson


I hope students find their passion and their vocational calling, whatever that might be. I love engaging in project-based learning with my students allowing them to develop teamwork and leadership skills while also learning the content and how it can be applied outside of the classroom.

Kimberly’s Profile
Roberta Shanafelt

Roberta Shanafelt

Assistant Professor

Roberta’s Profile
Courtney Leaverton

Courtney Leaverton

Assistant Professor

Morningside is a family. Coming back to Morningside a few short years after graduating to become a professor, felt like coming home. The Morningside community is incredibly strong. I come to work every day feeling valued, respected, and cared about.

Courtney’s Profile
Rochelle Maynard

Dr. Rochelle Maynard

Department Head & Assistant Professor

I love the collaborative community and atmosphere at Morningside. I enjoy seeing a familiar face in my students and other faculty as I walk on campus.

Rochelle’s Profile
Mary Moore

Mary Moore

Assistant Professor

Mary’s Profile
Cordelia Yates

Cordelia Yates

Assistant Professor

Morningside University is student-focused and provide great opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to develop life-long learning skills that integrate both theory and application in a warm and positive environment. As a community we take pride in our students and prepare them to be the best in their profession after graduation.

Cordelia’s Profile


Still looking for the right fit? Here are some additional program options that we think might interest you or are often paired with this program. You can also view the programs page to keep exploring your options.

Agricultural and Food Studies


Education and Special Education





student/faculty ratio so you’re assured a quality education focused on you


employed or in graduate school within six months of graduation


majors & pre-professional programs available


Customizable and experiential, this personalized program integrates independent research, ensuring you stand out in the field. Dare to explore the wonders of chemistry and shape the minds of future science students.

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