Program Overview.

As an extension to that kind of unique learning experience, Morningside has developed the Adventure Program. It gives you the ability to take the active learning experience you had in high school and infuse your college experience with experience-based and project-centered learning opportunities and take learning beyond the traditional classroom setting.


Why Choose the Morningside Adventure Program?
  • Design your admissions portfolio based on your experience-based learning experience in high school.
  • Personalize The Adventure Program to your interests and needs while selecting from various experiential learning opportunities that will set you up for success during college and beyond.
  • Enjoy the assurance of Morningside’s XP Guarantee, which means you graduate in four years or less and have a job or head to grad school within six months of graduation.
  • Receive a scholarship of $15,000 per year and a one time $4,000 travel stipend for you to apply toward May Term or Study Abroad.
  • Be part of Project Siouxland, which is a student-driven learning environment where you can gain skills and experience while solving real community challenges.
  • Explore options for your future using resources found in our outstanding Career Services department or by taking the X Path, a guided exploration option that helps you find the right path for your future.


Options within The Adventure Program
  • Experience-Centered General Education: Complete graduation requirements in an experiential learning format that will allow you to solve real world problems and effectively communicate solutions.
  • Project Siouxland: Participate in a student-driven learning environment where you can gain skills and experience while solving real world challenges.
  • X Path: Chart your course through X Path, a guided program, that gives you a place, time, and space to figure out your major and career aspirations. Take up to four semesters (or as little as one!) to explore possibilities under the guidance of expert faculty and staff mentors.
  • Student-Designed Major: Follow your own passions by working with faculty to create your own major.
  • Internship and/or Externship (Co-op): Use Morningside’s connections in Siouxland and beyond to gain real world experience and put your skills and knowledge to the test.
  • Co-Curricular Pathways: Learn through various co-curricular experiences that can lead to a distinctive credential in Leadership, Civic Engagement or Career Development.
  • Travel: Explore the world during May Term or choose to Study Abroad.
  • Research Projects: Have the opportunity to research one-on-one with faculty members each year you are in the program.
  • Project-Based Capstone Experience: Round out your Morningside experience by taking a project from beginning to end.


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