Megan Webber '17

Omaha, Neb.

The summer before her senior year, Megan got an internship with the FBI in Omaha, Neb. She then transferred to the Sioux City office and spent her senior year working with the victim specialist and agents on three Indian reservations. She already has a job lined up for when she graduates doing electronic surveillance for the FBI in Memphis, Tenn.

Discussion-based learning.

“I currently have a class of six people and a class of 11 people. It’s very discussion based. You can’t be a wallflower. You have to know your material, which pushes me. If I were in a larger class, I would sit in the back corner thinking, ‘I don’t need to be noticed,’ but at Morningside I’m learning to get outside of my comfort zone.”

Opportunity to make an impact.

“In one of my social and behavioral science classes last year, we were learning about sex trafficking and abuse toward women in different nations. As a class, we came up with the Morningside Stand Against Human Trafficking. We had T-shirts made and sought donations for food and other items to launch the service project. This initial project has now become an annual event.”

Professors who believe in you.

“My professors push me. I asked one of my professors if I could give an informal poster presentation for the annual Palmer Student Research Symposium at Morningside. He told me I needed to give a formal presentation. In the FBI, I’m going to be going to court and being put on the stand, so I need to get comfortable with presenting. I am thankful he pushed me because he’s right!”

Small campus with a friendly feel.

“It’s nice to be on a small campus. Although I haven’t crossed paths with everyone, I know the majority of the people here. It’s really nice to walk around campus and recognize people from my classes and say hi to each other.  It has given me a sense of belonging and comfort.”

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Meet a Mustang - Megan Webber