Elizabeth Boell '18

Carroll, Iowa

Elizabeth has gotten a lot of real-world experience in her field while a student at Morningside. She has assisted individuals with disabilities in a therapeutic horse riding program, served as an advocate for victims of domestic violence, and conducted research at a mental health center. She knows these experiences are preparing her well for a career in counseling and advocacy.

Friendly campus.

“When I visited Morningside, everybody was very friendly. There was always somebody holding the door open for me. Students I met were very interested in why I was there and what I was doing. They were very proud to be a part of Morningside, and I thought to myself, ‘I want to be a part of that too.’ ”

Professors who care.

“We have great professors who are very flexible and help you a lot. For example, to be an advocate for the Council on Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence, you need over 30 hours of training. My professor knew I was spending a lot of time on the training, and that this was really going to benefit the community and me, so he took it upon himself to help by giving me an extension on a paper.”

Education tailored to your needs.

“Professors go out of their way to get you on the right track. I told my advisor I could graduate early, but I’d need a research experience. She immediately said, ‘Okay, let’s get you into research.’ Now a classmate and I are set up with Siouxland Mental Health studying parent-child interaction therapy.”

Support for co-curricular activities.

“Morningside not only allowed me to be involved in college choir and jazz choir. It gave me a scholarship for it. Being in those choirs has aided in my success at Morningside because you have those people that are just sort of automatic friends. Everybody’s singing, and everybody’s a family.”

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