A Bachelor of Arts degree in religious studies is available from Morningside College. A minor is also available.

Along with coursework within the major, you will also have internship opportunities. Recent internships through the program include serving as a youth director at a local church, job-shadowing two different ministers to experience various roles in different settings and counseling at a local women’s center.

Those who choose to major or minor in religious studies frequently are preparing for a religious vocation (ordained ministry, youth work, counseling, Christian education, teaching careers, missionary service, etc.). Others add religious studies to another major to enhance that vocation; for example, awareness of religion could help a psychology major interested in counseling, or a history major who wanted to teach.

Morningside College is historically related to the United Methodist Church, but our classrooms include faculty and students from many faith traditions. We view education as exposure to a variety of viewpoints and options.