Jack Hill

(712) 274-5145

Teaches counseling, group counseling and psychological testing. Education: B.S., Manchester College; M.A. and Ph.D., Southern Illinois University

Kim Christopherson

(712) 274-5253
Associate Professor/Educationalist Technologist

Teaches general, developmental and cognitive psychology, and statistics. Education: B.A., University of St. Thomas; M.A. and Ph.D., University of North Dakota

Shannon De Clute

(712) 274-5319
Assistant Professor

Teaches general, personality, group counseling and the history of psychology. B.S., Morningside College; M.A. and Ph.D., University of Akron

Jessica LaPaglia

(712) 274-5152
Assistant Professor

Teaches experimental and learning psychology, and biopsychology. Education: B.A., Augsburg College; M.S. and Ph.D., Iowa State University

Jessica Pleuss

(712) 274-5292
Assistant Professor

Teaches general, developmental, child and adolescent, and adulthood and aging. Education: B.S., Valparaiso University; M.A. and Ph.D., University of Minnesota

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