Career and Graduate Success

Psychology students at Morningside go on to enjoy acceptance to graduate schools across America and fulfilling careers in roles such as police officers, community relations directors, clinical psychologists, human resource directors and more.

Below are a few statements from some Morningside College graduates about their experience in the Psychology department.

Megan Blackley, 2014 graduate; currently attending Fort Hayes State University’s clinical program

I definitely feel that Morningside did a great job of preparing me for graduate school. Much of the material that we've covered thus far is material I remember covering in previous classes.... Morningside not only prepared me for the material, but it also prepared me to write my Master's thesis. I would highly recommend that anyone planning to attend graduate school take the thesis seriously and learn as much as you can from the process because it is beyond helpful in the future

Daren Koehler

I loved the education and guidance I got from the brilliant professors at Morningside. When I left for grad school I felt prepared for anything because I felt like I had experienced a little bit of everything from presenting conferences to playing with rates to working in the video game lab to creating my own experiments.

Amanda Przymus

I wanted to take the time to just let you know how appreciative I am for you and all of the professors in the psych department at Morningside. Almost everything I've been going over in classes so far I've already learned at Morningside, or briefly was touched on, and it has made me feel so prepared and confident in my abilities to succeed in graduate school. I really appreciate the time you all put in for your classes, and your efforts to make sure students understand the content and are getting applicable practices in as well. Whether it was doing group and individual counseling sessions that I am doing now in school, learning how to do studies and a thesis paper, and knowing how to write APA and do statistics, I just wanted to say thank you so much. Not only are you all great professors for teaching the content, but you sparked an interest in me to learn more about the field and to continue on in my education.