Preprofessional Programs

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Some careers require a bachelor's degree or prerequisite coursework to prepare you for entrance into professional school or graduate study. Morningside's preprofessional programs are designed to help you build a great foundation for further educational opportunities that will lead to a fulfilling career in law, engineering, the ministry or health professions.

Health Professions

There are a number of health careers for which an undergraduate degree or specific undergraduate credit hours are needed in order to begin further study in a professional academic program. Morningside offers a number of preprofessional programs to prepare you for a career in:

  •     Chiropractic
  •     Dentistry
  •     Medicine
  •     Medical Laboratory Science
  •     Optometry
  •     Pharmacy
  •     Physical Therapy
  •     Physician Assistant
  •     Veterinary Medicine


Morningside's challenging academic program and opportunities for participation in career-related activities are great training for a prospective lawyer. Our graduates who have been admitted to law school had a wide range of majors: political science, history, philosophy, English, psychology, biology and business administration. If you want to investigate a law career, we offer an interdisciplinary minor and a group of courses in legal studies. Morningside also has a mock trial team that competes in regional and national tournaments.


If you want to pursue a specialized engineering degree (electrical, mechanical, civil, aerospace), Morningside offers dual-degree transfer programs that lead to either bachelor's or master's degrees in the area you select. A student typically spends 2-4 years at Morningside to build a solid understanding of general principles and then gets 2-4 years of specialized education at the second school. Credit earned at the second school transfers back to Morningside, allowing you to graduate with a degree from each school.


If you are thinking about an advanced degree in ministry or religious studies, you will benefit from the thorough liberal arts background that Morningside offers. A religious studies minor is valuable if you wish to pursue a career in ordained ministry, youth work, counseling or other religious vocation. We recommend a religious studies major if you are interested in teaching at a college or university. Also, ask about our accelerated path to ministry program with Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston, Ill.

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