You have the option to select from several major programs, each with its own emphasis.

Engineering Physics is a four-year program for students interested in working at the boundary between science and engineering. Graduates have the skills right out of college to take jobs in small- to medium-scale industry. Or graduates have the option to go on to graduate school for a variety of areas: applied science, engineering, medicine, architecture and law.

Engineering Science is a dual-degree program that requires two to three years at Morningside and two to three years at another institution to study a specific branch of engineering such as mechanical, electrical or aerospace. Students receive two degrees — one from each school — at the completion of this program.

Physics is a four-year program intended for students whose primary interest is in the theoretical side of the physical world. This program is ideal for students who are interested in graduate studies in science, applied science, engineering, medicine, law and architecture.

Physics Teaching is a four-year program for students who are interested in teaching physics in high school.

General Sciences Teaching is an interdisciplinary major (with chemistry and biology) for students who want to teach a combination of physics, earth science, chemistry and biology at the middle school or elementary school level.

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