Tara Meinen ‘19

Denison, Iowa

Tara was named lead trumpet her freshman year at Morningside College, and section leader her sophomore year. She has been able to practice music education techniques when working with her peers, and she is regularly asked to perform at the college and in the community. She doesn’t think she would have had so many leadership opportunities at a larger school.

Professors focused on what you need.

“When I was deciding on a college, other schools were really pushy. At Morningside, everyone was just trying to help. When I met with the band director, it was less ‘Come to Morningside’ and more him helping me get ready for my all-state audition. It was like I was already his student basically.”

Preparation for whatever you might encounter as a music teacher.

“At a large university, they make you focus on either instrumental or vocal music. At Morningside, you’re exposed to both. That’s important because in the Midwest, you could easily end up at a small school where you’re charged with teaching both band and choir. I will feel prepared no matter where I go.”

Additional career options in music.

“You get into the coursework right away, so you will find out within your first semester if you really do want to be a music teacher. If not, Morningside offers other options to students who want a career in music. You could major in arts administration, for example, and focus on the business side of things.”

Opportunity to travel.

“I was in the Morningside College Choir my freshman year. Over spring break, we went on tour across the Midwest. It was a great way to make friends, traveling together to new places. It’s one of the most memorable things you’ll do. Next year the choir is going to Japan.”

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