Dylan Root '19

San Diego, Calif.

Dylan Root’s dream is to play saxophone for a pit orchestra on Broadway in New York City. He has taken advantage of several opportunities to perform while at Morningside. Among other things, he performed regularly at a café in downtown Sioux City, did a recording with professional musicians and played in the pit orchestra for a high school musical. He even performed for Bill Clinton.

Friendly campus.

“I enjoy the way people treat you at Morningside. It’s a lot more personable. You can walk across campus and wave or smile at people you don’t know, and you’ll get a positive reaction. In bigger cities, people tend to be more focused on themselves. Here there’s a larger emphasis on helping others.”

Great professors, flexible schedules.

“I like the relationships with the professors. They’re very kind and willing to reach out to you outside of class. I also like the flexibility of classes and the ability to be involved in multiple ensembles. That has allowed me to be involved in choir. I never thought I would be interested in singing coming here, but I’ve really enjoyed it.”

Growing opportunities in performing arts.

“The music department is going through a period of growth. I really like being part of something that’s growing and helping it build. The marching band program, for example, is pretty new. I’ve really enjoyed seeing it progress so quickly in the last few years – and feeling like I’m a part of that.”

Interesting classes in wide-ranging subjects.

“I enjoy the liberal arts feel because I’ve learned about things I never would have otherwise. My first semester, I took Civil War in America, a history class, and that was a really good experience to improve writing and critical thinking that I wouldn’t have gotten in the traditional music classes.”

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Meet a Mustang - Dylan Root