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Do  you struggle to choose a major because you are interested in a lot of different things? You may want to consider one of our interdisciplinary programs. They expose you to several academic disciplines, and they focus on skills employers say are important, such as communication and critical thinking.


This program combines study in business, graphic design and mass communications. You will develop career skills through courses such as Web Design/Interactive Media, Market Research, Ad Campaigns and Public Relations. For a senior project, you will develop a multimedia-integrated advertising campaign for a regional brand.

Applied American Studies

This program will equip you with a broad knowledge of contemporary America. You will study topics ranging from U.S. history to jazz to American literature. Then you will work one-on-one with a faculty advisor to create a senior capstone experience that applies what you have learned. This program may lead to corporate, educational or political careers. It also is good preparation for graduate programs, including law school.

Arts Administration

After completing this program, you will be prepared for a professional career in managing arts-related companies or organizations. Areas of study include business courses and a focus on either theatre, music, studio art, dance or photography. Upon graduation, you are prepared to run your own arts-related business or become involved in management of a business such as a photo studio, art gallery, theatre, music ensemble or dance studio.

Integrated Community Service

Here is a program that can help you help others, especially through work with nonprofit organizations. Courses cover such areas as communication, ethics, cultural understanding, psychology and problem solving and have a focus on either health or education. This program prepares you for work in a number of nonprofit organizations that are attempting to make a difference in their communities.   

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