Why study History at Morningside?

The History Department provides:

  • A strong set of programmatic offerings, encouraging students to pursue their passions and interests in American History, World History and History Teaching.
  • A broad array of courses, ranging from antiquity to the present, taught by faculty members dedicated to educating undergraduate students.
  • Professors attentive to student goals and interests, dedicated to advising and mentoring students.
  • Excellent preparation for success in law school, library school and graduate school
  • Excellent preparation for success in careers in secondary education, museums, libraries, government, non-profit organizations and business.
  • Skills training in research, communication, critical thinking and team tasks.

Students in the Morningside History programs will:

  • Develop the ability to conduct genuine historical inquiry, finding and evaluating evidence and placing these discoveries in their proper historical and human perspective.
  • Build their understanding of the human past: ideas, conflict, ambition, personality, wealth and poverty, social interaction, culture, religious values, politics, institutions and economics.
  • Receive the opportunity for “real-world” experiences through internships, collaborating with faculty members in writing senior theses and attending and presenting at professional conferences.
  • Know that their program has a first-rate placement rate for graduates into law, graduate study, teaching positions and careers related to the skills developed in History programs.
  • Know that they may be competitive for national fellowships, as one past History student won a Fulbright Scholarship (for post-BA study in Europe) and another won a Madison Fellowship (for post-BA study of American History and Government, open to secondary teachers only).