Student Experiences

Morningside College has three student organizations open to all students affiliated with the History Department, each offering opportunities for involvement and for leadership. These are:

  1. The Planning Group (helps choose speakers or panels, organizes the events and then plans the spring semester departmental outing)
  2. The Outreach Task Force (designs the annual departmental t-shirt and also recruits members and affiliates to attend departmental events and meetings) 
  3. The Honors and Awards Committee (invents and then presents awards, some serious while others are for fun, to faculty and students at the departmental spring banquet)

The campus also houses a nationally-recognized chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, the honorary fraternity in History, offering chances for students to contribute to service projects and to lead and organize events. The fraternity is open to all students that meet the History credit hours and grade point average requirements.

Morningside College also offers numerous opportunities for students to experience hands-on learning with internships, independent research or attending and even presenting at academic conferences.

Some areas that Morningside students have completed internships in are museums; interpretive centers; libraries; federal, state and local government offices; city commissions; non-profit organizations and civic organizations.

Independent research, with faculty mentors, have resulted in theses or projects such as:

  • History through Documentary Film: “The History of Hwa Nan Women’s College in China”
  • Research paper: “The ‘Save the Potato’ Campaign of 1917 – 1918”
  • Research paper: “The Disciples of Christ in Crisis: A Study of Religion in the Civil War”
  • Translation (from the original German) and Analysis of a Diplomat’s Memoir: “Fritz Grobba and Axis Mideast Diplomacy during World War II”
  • Honors Thesis: “European Financial Crises and the Origins of the Stamp Act”
  • Senior Thesis: “The Early History of Christianity in Asia”
  • Senior Thesis: “The Little Big Horn and the Partisan Press in the Election of 1876”
  • Senior Thesis: “Field Hospital Surgical Amputations in the Civil War”
  • Senior Thesis: “The Movement for Women’s Suffrage in Iowa, to 1919”

Opportunities for Morningside History students to attend and present at academic conferences have included:

  • Northern Great Plains History Conference
  • Missouri Valley History Conference
  • Phi Alpha Theta Undergraduate Research Conference
  • Midwest Undergraduate Research Conference
  • Palmer Research Symposium (hosted at Morningside College)