Show off your work

Morningside College offers English majors and other students an opportunity to showcase their works in a variety of ways.

The college prints a literary magazine each year that highlights both creative writing and art on campus. Through its several titles (Manuscript, Perspectives or as it's currently titled Kiosk) the magazine allows the campus community a chance to see the wonderful works being done here at Morningside. To see a copy of the latest Kiosk, click here.

The English Department also hosts Friday is Writing Day. The event is a great way to bring the campus community together to discuss styles of writing and share works written by one another. Each Friday is Writing Day has a different theme as a way to get the entire campus involved in the discussions. Some themes have included sports, fan fiction, political blogging and many more!

Students can also display their talents with spoken word slams or by reading excerpts from works at the Palmer Research Symposium.