Student Experiences

Business Administration students at Morningside College enjoy a number of opportunities to expand their horizons with student organizations as well as by presenting research both on campus and beyond.

Faculty have worked with students to conduct and present research in many areas including the following:

  • Management students analyzed human resource practices and current management issues.
  • Advertising students presented ethics of advertising alcohol and tobacco to children.
  • Leadership students interviewed managers about non-profit leadership practices.
  • Marketing students presented industry branding projects.
  • Management Information Systems (an interdisciplinary program that includes the study of business and computer science) students presented information strategies of higher education officers.

The Business Administration program has several student groups on campus that allow students to meet with peers with similar interests and in many cases travel to conferences to further their knowledge on important topics. Listed are a few of the student groups and some experiences that Morningside students have taken advantage of.

  • The Creative Edge Student Advertising Club consults with regional and national brands on marketing and business strategy recommendations. The group placed first in the national competition of the Edventure Partners Cadillac Case Study advertising competition.
  • The Entrepreneurship Group (E-Group) travels to Tampa for national CEO conference. Recently five officers present during the leadership development sessions.
  • The Center for Entrepreneurship Education and The E-Group provide resources for students who are interested in starting and operating a business enterprise. Students are also members of CEO, Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization, which has spawned new businesses in the region.
  • Sigma Beta Delta, the business honor society, is composed of nominated juniors and seniors with high academic achievement. The society engages in opportunities to meet with community leaders and serves the needs of the Department of Business Administration. Students also organize events and engage in business leadership opportunities.
  • Alpha Delta Sigma, affiliated with the American Advertising Federation, is the only national honor society for advertising. Students with majors and minors in the advertising field of study and high academic standards are nominated and recognized their senior year.