McKenzie Anderson ‘17

Lincoln, Neb.

A double major in business and managerial accounting, McKenzie is taking enough accounting courses at Morningside that she will be able to take the CPA exam to become a certified public accountant. She accepted a job offer in the middle of her senior year. She will be one of three Morningside College graduates working at the Iowa auditor’s office in Des Moines.

A great atmosphere.

“Originally the reason I chose Morningside was everyone on campus – from the students to the professors. Friendly, loving, caring. I think everyone here has those characteristics. You develop friendships that will last for the rest of your life.”

Professors who care.

“The professors are what I like best about the business department at Morningside. They have an open-door policy and are always able to talk, whether it’s about classes or just anything in general. They follow your sports teams. You really do get that one-on-one time with them.”

Professors who go the extra mile.

“My friends and I are accounting majors. We weren’t sure whether we wanted to become CPAs, so one of our accounting professors, Twyla Rosenbaum, met us for lunch during the summer. She told us the advantages of becoming a CPA, and she explained the whole process of earning a CPA designation. It was nice that she was able to go out of her way to help us with our future plans.”

Memories that last a lifetime.

“I’m a member of the softball team. It’s great to start your college career on a sports team because right away you have 40 new friends. Last year our team qualified for the NAIA Softball World Series. We truly had home field advantage as the tournament was held on our campus! Playing in our home environment with hometown fans was an awesome yet humbling experience.”

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Meet a Mustang - McKenzie Anderson