Tyler Halligan '17

Grand Island, Neb.

A transfer student his sophomore year, Tyler brought in aspirations of becoming an anesthesiologist.  At Morningside he became involved in the biology department; with an opportunity to travel to California and present research, Tyler found a passion in the field. With plans to continue his journey in medicine, Tyler has been accepted to the University of South Dakota for a Masters in Basic Biomedical Sciences.

Transferring is worth it.

“I went to a community college first, and transferring wasn’t easy right away. The classes were harder here, so my first semester was a real curveball. I had to learn how to study. Trying to get a feel for the college, making new friends, joining activities and clubs— it was hard at first, but it was an overall good experience. I’m glad I did it. I feel like I’ve grown as a person here because Morningside does a good job of providing the resources needed to get acclimated and be successful.”

Students inspire change.

“My Principles of Sustainability class was given a service learning project, and every one had to do a project related to sustainability. A classmate and I put together a plan for a pollinator garden on campus. We decided to plant seeds in the greenhouse, and then transfer the newly grown plants to the garden. Now Morningside will have a pollinator garden that will help to attract a variety of insects that are at risk due to a declining population of pollinators.”

Campus involvement brings travel opportunities.

“I transferred to be closer to home, but also for swimming. I didn’t want to quit, so the coach said I should join the team. Because of swimming, I’ve gotten to go to a lot of places that I wouldn’t have gone otherwise. I’ve also been able to travel to present research as a biology major. For instance, we went with a group to San Francisco to present. The trips with different people makes these events fun. I have made some of my best friends in the biology major area through study groups and activities.”

Relationships with professors – more than research.

“No one should be afraid to go into office hours and become acquainted with the professors. My professors are a huge help, even with research. I always have questions. If I’m running a sample that doesn’t turn out like I want, or if something is different, or if there is a good result, I always pop in his office to discuss the results. Knowing professors makes you feel more comfortable in the class. It makes learning easier when you feel like the professor is backing you up not just trying to get you through.”

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Meet a Mustang - Tyler Halligan