PBS TeacherLine FAQ's

PBS TeacherLine Frequently Asked Questions


How much is tuition for TeacherLine courses?

The graduate credit portion of the course through Morningside College is $80 per credit hour. The cost is in addition to the PBS course fees.  

How do I register for PBS TeacherLine courses?

You can register for graduate credit only while the course is running. You must register first with PBS and then you can register for credit with Morningside College after the course begins. A link within your PBS course will be available to register and pay online for the appropriate graduate tuition. Typically, the link will be located on the left side of your screen within your PBS course.
Note: This application works in Internet Explorer and Firefox. It does not work properly in Chrome. 

Do I need to be admitted to Morningside's graduate program before I take a PBS Teacherline class?

No, you do not need to be an admitted student. Receipt of credit from Morningside College does not constitute admission to the graduate program.

Can I enroll for graduate credit after the PBS course has ended?

Online registration must be completed and fees received prior to the end of the PBS class. No one will be allowed to retroactively register for a class that has ended.

Will I receive a letter grade for the credits?

Yes, credits earned through Morningside College for PBS TeacherLine courses are issued with letter grades.

Will tuition for these credits be eligible for financial aid?

These courses do not qualify for financial aid or loan deferment through Morningside College.

How are the credits issued?

Morningside College issues semester credit hours.

How long will it take to complete each course?

The number of hours identified for each course reflects time spent online, but may not reflect the total time spent completing offline coursework and assignments. All learners are different, and you may spend as much as double the indicated number of hours depending on your learning style and work habits.

Can I complete them at my own pace?

While these online classes do not require you to be online at a particular time, these are not self-paced classes. Assignments are due weekly throughout the course.

If I decide to drop the PBS Teacherline course and have already paid Morningside for the graduate credit, can I get a refund?

Once Morningside has received the registration form and fees, a refund will not be issued.

Can I transfer Morningside College credits into my graduate program at another institution?

To determine whether these credits can be used in endorsements/degree programs, please contact your institution.

Can I use Morningside College credits from PBS TeacherLine in a graduate program at Morningside College?

You may also be able to use these graduate credits in a master's degree program at Morningside College. All students admitted to the Professional Educator master’s degree program after November 1, 2014, will be able to apply no more than eight (8) graduate credits from all partners (AEA, LEA, and educational partners) to meet the Professional Teaching core requirements for their master's degree program. Please contact the Graduate Office at 800.831.0806, x.5375, to learn whether Morningside is authorized to offer a master's degree in your state. For information about Morningside educational partners, please contact Carolyn Smith, Graduate Coordinator, by phone at 800.831.0806, x.5451, or 712.274.5451, or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You do not need to be formally admitted to the Graduate Program in Education at Morningside College to take these classes. These classes do not qualify for financial aid or loan deferment

How do I get an official transcript from Morningside College?

The college must have written permission from the student to release a transcript. To request a transcript, please go to: Transcript Request