Applied Research Center

The Applied Research Center (ARC) provides graduate students with research mentorship as they conduct classroom-based and clinical research.  The center also provides statistical consulting for graduate students as they analyze data.  The ARC has partnered with local schools to provide educational services and training in research-based pedagogy.  Last, the center publishes the Journal of Applied and Educational Research, which is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal focused on showcasing exceptional graduate student research.

Services Provided

Research Consultations

Students can schedule a research consultation with their instructor to receive additional support and guidance for your research project.  These meeting can be held via online via video conference or over the phone. 

Data Analysis Consultations

The Data Analysis Lab provides graduate students with support from doctoral level consultants.  Student receive guidance with regard to: a) Creating and setting up data files in statistics programs, b) Developing measures, c) Choice of statistical analysis, d) Running statistical analyses, and d) Interpreting findings.


Consultants can provide support and guidance in all stages of the research process including data collection, analysis, and interpretation.

  • 12 research consultants 
  • 5 doctoral level data analysis consultants.

The Journal of Applied and Educational Research

The Journal of Applied and Educational Research is peer-reviewed journal focused on publishing original research pertaining to education at all levels.  Educational research includes studies focused on testing the effectiveness of pedagogical interventions, learning methods, and assessment in the context of both general and special education.  The journal also highlights studies focused on cognitive development, language development, and socio-emotional development of all students. The Journal is published two times a year.

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