Graduate Education Student Tuition and Fees

What you should know about tuition and billing

Tuition and fees for graduate education students

  • Current tuition rate (per credit hour): $200.
  • Faith-Based Initiative Grant (per credit hour): $30 less than the current tuition grant
  • Application Fee: $25
  • Graduation Fee: $100
  • Transcript Analysis (Program of Study) Fee: $25
  • Athletic Director Course Materials Fee (per course): $150
  • English as a Second Language Course Materials Fee (per course): $100
  • Middle School: Physical Science Course Materials: $50
  • Reading Capstone Course: $50
  • English as a Second Language Internship Fee: $100
  • Special Education Internship Fee: $150
  • Talented and Gifted Internship Fee: $75

Financial aid

There is limited financial aid for graduate students. Learn more.

Contact Randi Hudson, graduate financial Planning coordinator, Student Financial Planning, at 800.831.0806, x.5230, or at for more detailed information.

Billing practices

We've been paperless since September 2012, so as a student, you'll receive email reminders each month to review your account online and pay your bill.

A variable monthly finance charge is charged on the last day of the month by multiplying all charges older than 30 days old. The variable monthly periodic rate is 1.5% (with an APR of 18%).

Please note that all other requirements remain the same. You must have a zero balance to pre-register for the next term and in order for transcripts to be released.


Please contact our graduate office at 1-800-831-0806, ext. 5375.

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