First Year Studies

Ease into the college life

Morningside College offers two classes for incoming freshmen to help the transition from high school to college and to become more familiar with our campus.

First Year Seminar is a class taken in the fall that focuses on reading, discussion, writing and adapting to college life. Composition and Communication (C&C) is based upon critical reading, thesis-based writing and public speaking.

With the help of these two classes students will:

  • Learn about college experiences and survival skills (time management, study skills, etc.)
  • Discover what it means to have a liberal arts education and learn about Morningside College's mission and vision.
  • Read essays designed to engage them in critical thinking and develop interpretive discussion skills
  • Acquire technology information essential for achieving success at Morningside
  • Write a series of papers designed to help them prepare for writing requirements in other classes
  • Learn to work through sources and judge their credibility, usefulness and perspectives
  • Formulate opinions, conduct research and compile an academic presentation to share with others

Discover yourself. Define your world. Design your future.