• Two or more years of substantial professional work and/or volunteer experience
  • Completed approximately 50 college credit hours

Requirements for major in Organizational Management

The course requirements listed below and 124 total credit hoursThis major will lead to a BS degree. 

A. Complete all of the following:
BUSN 231N Principles of Management 4
BUSN 320N Finance Basics for Managers         4
BUSN 319N Organizational Behavior  4
MORN 440N The Leadership Experience 4
PHIL 321N Applied and Professional Ethics 4
BUSN 423N Capstone* 4
Total Required Credits  24

*Senior Capstone Experience

B. Complete 3 of the following:
RHET 215 Writing in a Professional Environment or ENGL/RHET 211 Writing to Persuade 4
PSYC 326N Group Communication or RHET 311 Advanced Public Speaking or COMM 330 Public Relations 4
COMM 213N Visual Literacy or ART 332N Data Visualization 4
Total Required Credits 12
C. Complete 2 of the following:
CULT 330N Cultural Interactions within Organizations or RELG 250 World Religions 4
RELG /POLS 360  Religion, Politics & Society in US or POLS 420N Politics and Power in Communities 4
Total Required Credits 8

D. Complete 1 of the following:
PSYC 336N Applied Organizational Research or SOCI 332 Sociology of Organizations or BUSN 341 Principles of Marketing 4
Total Required Credits 4

E. Writing proficiency 

Completion of the Capstone course will fulfill the writing proficiency requirement.

Total Credits Required for the Major = 48