At Morningside College, advising is much more than just helping students build class schedules. We like to take an all-encompassing approach to guiding you down the path to graduation. That includes not just academic advising, but also career development, internships, extracurricular activities, and opportunities to study abroad.

As a student at Morningside College, you’ll be provided with a mentoring adviser. Not sure what you’d like to study? That’s where we come in. We recognize that the college years are a time for self-exploration which is why we oversee our X Path program. Our professional advisers and career services staff are passionate about mentoring students to develop skills critical for academic, personal, and professional success. At the Krone Advising Center, we challenge and support our students to set goals for college, career, and life. We pride ourselves in offering accurate, timely, and useful advising information to help students embark on their career path.

You can also use the Krone Advising Center if you feel you have too many things you want to study! Many Morningside students double or triple major, and even more receive minors as well. It can be an easy solution to study multiple programs for the student who wants to do it all, and your mentoring adviser will be with you through everything. Visit us at the Krone Advising Center!