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Shelby Prindaville

Shelby Prindaville

Associate Professor


MacCollin Classroom Building (MC) 200

Associate Professor and Head of the Visual Arts Department
M.F.A., Painting and Drawing, Louisiana State University; B.A., Fine Art, University of Pennsylvania

Associate Professor and Head of the Visual Arts Department

Shelby Prindaville is interested in the human role in shaping an ecological balance and creates pieces centered on the beautiful fragility and resilience of the natural world. She is an interdisciplinary artist working in painting, mixed media reliefs, sculptures, and living interactive installations.  Prindaville wants viewers to interact and emotionally connect with her work and for that experience to demonstrate the joy of contemplative engagement with nature as well as provide a taste of the sorrow a disconnect with nature can bring.

Prindaville earned her MFA from Louisiana State University in painting and drawing and her BA from the University of Pennsylvania in fine art with a sculpture concentration.  Her studio practice combines her interests in the sciences and art, which extends to her collaboration with LSU Chemistry Professor John A. Pojman in developing new polymer clays and other art materials.

Prindaville's artwork has been exhibited in venues internationally and throughout the U.S., including Madrid, Philadelphia, New York City, Washington D.C., Boston, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Baton Rouge, Fort Worth, and Los Angeles, as well as online.  Her work is included in a number of public and private collections, and she has been awarded a variety of grants, prizes, and international and domestic residencies.  She has been selected as a World Wildlife Fund tour artist and has been published in a wide range of journals, catalogs, and media outlets.

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