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Elizabeth Bohlmann

Elizabeth Bohlmann

Admissions Counselor


Lewis Hall (LH) 106
mobile-phone-icon712-635-0524 (SMS/Text Available)

Hometown: Sioux City, Iowa

Education: Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, Morningside College 2018

Recruitment area: I work with all high school seniors from Central Iowa (HWY 20 to I-80 across the entire state), as well as the Southeastern states of the U.S. including Alabama, Alaska, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina Mississippi, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Puerto Rico.

What I like about my job: I love that I can connect with students from all over and help guide them through this exciting time in their life! Making important decisions about your education and future can be overwhelming. Knowing that I can ease the stress and guide students through that process while teaching them about the amazing things Morningside has to offer is by far the best part.

What I look for in a student: I look for students who are excited about their future and are ready to take the next step in their education. I also look for students who want to find a fit that is right for them. Morningside has so many opportunities to offer and a great community to help support our students.

Hobbies: I love spending my free time doing all things outdoors with my family and friends! I also enjoy rollerblading when the weather is nice, catching up with shows on Netflix, and playing with my two dogs Mickey and Abby!

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