Pamela Mickelson


Office: LC 110

Chair and professor of business administration.

Dr. Mickelson served as executive vice president of a flight base operation and a charter airfreight business in Kansas City before joining the faculty at Morningside College in 1985. Her graduate degrees are from Arkansas State University and Oklahoma State University where she held research and teaching assistantships. She serves as the director of the Center for Entrepreneurship Education, and has secured grants from the Coleman Foundation, the U.S. Department of Education, and the Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau. Her teaching includes advertising, marketing, and management courses. Dr. Mickelson has led the Creative Edge Advertising Team to regional and national competitions, and championships, against universities of 20,000 or more students. In the National Cadillac Competition in 2007, the Morningside team was selected as the national champion. Currently, her advertising teams are developing branding campaigns for regional clients. She published the Brand Builder Workbook that provides campaign planning tools for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and students.

Faculty and students have selected Professor Mickelson for their Faculty Person of the Year Award and the Teaching Excellence Award at Morningside College. In addition, she received the Ad Pro of the Year and Advertising Educator of the Year both American Advertising Federation awards as well as the Marketing Management Association Meritorious Teaching Award. She serves as faculty advisor for Sober Driving Saves and the student entrepreneurship - E Group, and the director of the Center for Entrepreneurship Education. She’s also organized study tours in Australia, Puerto Rico and the New England and Mid-South areas of the United States.


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Undergraduate Research Advisor

2013 K. Long – Ethics in Advertising Tobacco to Youth, Really?

R. Boell – Small Business Planning for Caterers and Restaurateurs

2012 S. Carlson - Generation Differences and the Effects in the Workplace

A. Bryan - Managing Through the Generations

D. Dunn - Propaganda vs. Political Persuasion in Politics: Public Beware (award winner)

2011 K. Stahlik – Ethics in Advertising Study (award winner)