Amy Williams-Malenosky

Senior Associate Director of Admissions

Admissions Office

Office: LH 106

Hometown: Nemaha, Iowa

Education: Bachelor of Science in business administration and corporate communications, Morningside College, 1998

Recruitment Area: I recruit students from Central Iowa, everything on and below Highway 20 and above Interstate 80, all the way across the state. I also work with students from the southeastern part of the United States and Puerto Rico, as well as all international students.

What I like about my job: As an alum and employee of Morningside, I have now called this place home for 20 years. The changes that have happened on campus are truly unbelievable, but it is definitely the people that set this place apart from the rest. I enjoy working with prospective students and families through the college selection process. I truly believe that the Morningside experience is one that all students would love to take part in.

What I look for in a student: I think Morningside is a great place for a number of different students. That's what is so great about this place. You can be an athlete, a music student, a theatre star, or just someone that is looking forward to going to class. Morningside can fit so many students' needs.

Hobbies: My son is the light of my life. I enjoy watching him compete on the field and in the gym. He definitely keeps me busy! I also love to run and enjoy teaching cycling classes at the local YMCA.